Campaign Website for Paul Hayward




This is the website for the prospective independent candidate for Axminster in the forthcoming Devon County Council elections on May 2nd 2013.


This website is published and promoted by Paul Hayward, Plumtree, Old North Street, Axminster, EX13 5QF.


Paul can be contacted via email at or via his blogsite


His twitter feed is @cllrhayward and his Facebook page can be accessed via!/paul.hayward.9022 


If you have accessed this site looking for Axminster Town Council or related council services, may I direct you to the Town Council's Website via the link as follows; or alternatively, you can contact the Town Clerk at the Guildhall on 01297 32088.


If you wish to donate to Paul's campaign, please contact him via his email address or blogsite as there are strict rules on campaign / election donations of both time and resources.


However, if you believe in democracy, transparency, fairness, choice, and the principles of honest, open local government, then please vote for Paul on the 2nd May 2013, and tell others about our campaign.


There are 9397 registered voters in the Axminster electoral division which stretches from yarcombe in the NW, down to Hawkchurch in the east, and across to Whitford and Shute in the SW.


The right to vote in a free and open democracy is a right we enjoy in the UK, but it was a freedom that was bought by our fathers, and by our fathers fathers, at a very heavy price indeed. Please make every effort to vote if you can!


You can vote in three ways; BY POST or BY PROXY ( but to do this you need to contact EDDC Electoral Services Division asap ) or IN PERSON on the day.


Please put the date in your diary. I will be delivering leaflets over the coming weeks and hoping to knock on as many doors as time, weather and energy permits. I do not know if the local press will allow candidates to place a short statement of their campaign profiles in the paper ( they declined last time in the interests of fairness and public disinterest ).


One final point: I hope that all candidates in this forthcoming election will engage in a professional, civil and open campaign without the need to resort to name calling and mud slinging. Our present county councillor has worked very hard over the last 4 years to represent Axminster, but I ask all the voters out there - Has he done enough to earn and deserve your vote this time? Can another candidate do more, push more, question more, fight more, engage more, liaise more, listen more? If you vote for paul, then the answer is YES to all the above.


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